Changes 10/15 & 16

  • From Lee re: October 4-ball
  • New start times to note - the Saturday mixer starts at 9 a.m. and the Blitz returns to a noon start.
  • Mixer results from last 2 weeks

New from Lee

Bald eagle on 5W, photo taken by Bill Anderson.





Attached (See "FBGMA Tournament Info" on webpage #2) is the FBMGA Tournament Schedule for this October, 2019  through June of 2020. I think you will find the different formats fair, fun, interesting and challenging. As done previously, there will be a flyer 2-3 weeks in advance and follow up to all members until the field is finalized and then communication among the field only.

In coming up with this schedule, a full Tournament Committee meeting was held last May, and on going email conversations were heavy during the last two weeks as the FBMGA Board reviewed the Tournament Schedule.

As you review the schedule you will probably note that there are no Stableford tournaments. You will notice that five tournaments have flighted fields. You will also note that there is an AGGREGATE SCORE in two tournaments. This all done to make our tournaments fairer for all our golfers. If you can play to your handicap, you should be rewarded and I think this schedule reflects that.

Ama Corbett is our Handicap Chairman and he will be assisting the Tournament Chairman and the Tournament Committee to make sure FBMGA players handicaps are being maintained accurately. This is normal procedure at all golf clubs and as we transition over to more handicapped tournaments, we will focus more on that aspect. PLEASE PUT IN YOUR SCORES AND REMEMBER THE EQUITABLE STROKE CONTROL METHOD. This is the first warning - put your scores in using ESC!

Ama has also developed an excel spreadsheet that will streamline our handicapping of certain tournaments where we have various percentages for each six holes of play. This will be a great time saver for the tournament committee - thank you AMA.

Please feel free to contact me about any concerns, ideas, thoughts  you have with the FBMGA Tournament Schedule.

It is going to be a FUN, FAIR  AND COMPETITIVE NINE MONTHS OF GOLF with many different formats. Come on and join the fun!! 

Thanks for being a member and participating in our FBMGA Tournaments.

Lee W. Murray

FBMGA Tournament Chairman 

Lee Winslow Murray 443-871-5333

As of 10/16:

Attached is flyer for our next Tournament. It will be a fun day of golf. Get a partner and get your cash/check in the FBMGA Lock Box. Deadline is next Wednesday, October 23 at 4:45 PM. Any questions or if you are looking for a partner, contact me.



Attached is a flyer with information regarding our next FBMGA golf tournament. It says there will be four flights, but the number of flights will be determined by how many participants we have. Please arrange to get a partner for this FUN event.


The format for this event is different than any previous tournaments and with the flights, it will make for more competition among golfers closer to each team's total handicaps.


The lock box is next to the handicap computer. You will also see a Sign up sheet  near the lock box - please let me know who the partners are and if I don't have your email address, please write it on the sign up sheet.


Many, many thanks to Bill Anderson for his help with the flyer.


Any questions, please contact me. I will be out of town from October 12 - October 22, but will be back to collect all the checks at 4:45 PM on Wednesday, October 23 - the DEADLINE for entries.  


Lee Winslow Murray 443-871-5333



REMINDER - Dues for 2019-20

A reminder that a new fiscal year starting 10/1/19 means dues are being collected now.   Non-paying members will be dropped from the computer around Nov.1. You must have your dues paid to play in October tournaments, including the Saturday Mixer and the 4-Ball.

$60 (still) for the 10/1 - 9/30 fiscal year. 

If you want to attend meetings, maintain your GHIN handicap, play in the Saturday Mixer or other tournaments, please pay your dues ASAP.

On May 20, dues drop to $30 for the balance of the fiscal year (Sept. 30).

An application is downloadable at the button below.

Saturday Mixer Results & Shoot-out Standings

10/5 results

                 Week 1

 1st Allen Sage Plus 3 $46.50 75

2nd Ama Corbett Plus 2 $36.00 70

3rd Steve Johnson Plus 1 $27.00 65

T4th John Rudd Even $20.25 58

Jim Raffone Even $20.25 58

T6th Dan Christianson Minus 1 43

Harry Kegler Minus 1 43

Barry Innes Minus1 43

Hydie Peterson Minus 1 43

T10th Ed Hoff Minus 2 28

Dan Rainwater Minus 2 28

12th Carl Galpin Minus 3 20

13th John Lafear Minus 4 15

T14th Richard Dixon Minus 6 8

Price Poole Minus 6 8

Week 2

1st Steve Johnson Plus 16 $42.50 85

2nd Joe Parrish Plus 9 $34.00 80

T3rd Dan Rainwater Plus 6 $27.62 73

Hydie Peterson Plus 6 $27.62 73

5th Dan Christianson Plus 5 $21.25 65

6th Michael Parker Plus 4 $17.00 60

7th Carl  Galpin Plus 3 55

8th Ama Corbett Plus 2 50

T9th John Rudd Plus 1 43

Richard Dixon Plus 1 43

11th Barry Innes Even 35

12th Bill Anderson Minus 2 30

T13th Dale Spencer Minus 4 23

Jim Raffone Minus 4 23

15th Alan Elefterion Minus 5 15

16th Price Poole Minus 6 10

17th Fenton Markovich Minus 12 5




1 Steve Johnson 150

2 Ama Corbett 120

3 Hydie Peterson 116

4 Dan Christianson 108

5 John Rudd 101

6 Dan Rainwater 101

7 Jim Raffone 81

8 Joe Parrish 80

9 Barry Innes 78

10 Allen Sage 75

11 Carl Galpin 75

12 Michael Parker 60

13 Richard Dixon 51

14 Harry Kegler 43

15 Bill Anderson 30

16 Ed Hoff 28

17 Dale Spencer 23

18 Price Poole 18

19 John Lafear 15

20 Alan Efefterion 15

21 Fenton Markovich 5


October 2019 Shoot-out Participants


Shoot-out Results

 After 12 weeks of play, the top 10 finishers (photo above) competed on a  9 hole shoot-out with the result of Richard Dixon besting Barry Innes on  the final hole (photo above). 



1st Richard Dixon  

2nd Barry Innes    

6/13 News

  • A lot has transpired between the MGA and the FBGC.
  • All MGA-donated tournament money and entry fee money will go to club credit, not cash. Credit can be used everywhere at the course except the drink cart - for greens fees, snack bar, clothing,balls, etc.
  • There will be a lock box installed soon near the computer for tournament entry forms and cash. Cash will be required with your entry. A stapler will be there along with entry forms. No longer will entry fees be paid over the counter in the pro shop.
  • There was some discussion of entry fees increasing the closer to tournament day to encourage early entry. Late entries only add pressure to the Tournament Director and Pro Shop personnel. Talk to Lee about your thoughts on this idea.
  • We are guaranteed shotgun starts (except for the club championship).
  • The FBCG membership application will also include an MGA application at the bottom and you can pay it to the FBGC at the same time - cash, check or credit card. You can still pay your MGA dues the conventional way - through the pouch or P.O. box, but not by credit card.
  • We are soliciting members to remember the MGA in your will or by adding a codicil if you already have a will. If you want to leave a note with your will that you wish a sum to go to the MGA or the Scholarship Trust, you may do so, but it is not required that your executor follow that direction - most do, though.
  • We will begin working with the FBCG and realtors to host informational lunches to encourage them to think of the FBGC & MGA in giving recommendations to new buyers.


Our own Terry LaCoss served as the host for a fishing show and a 9-hole round at the Plantation's Marsh Course. The fishing show is "Unfathomed"

and appears on the Sportsman’s Channel, and in September will air on the World Fishing Network. You may also view shows by going to:


2019-2020 Board


Officers for FBMGA 2019-2020:

President- Price Poole

Vice Pres -Carl Galpin

Treasurer -Bruce Smyk

Secretary -Phil Jones

Tournament Director -Lee Murray

Member at Large- John Rudd

Member at Large -Ama Corbett 

2019 rule changes

Effective Jan. 1, 2019


Most notably, there are 10 fewer rules: 24 versus 34.  And, for the most part, they are more understandable and more accommodating to the realities of today’s game.

To summarize:

Regarding the “stroke and distance” penalty for hitting a ball out of bounds: the new rules will provide for a local rule “to allow golfers the option to drop the ball in the vicinity of where the ball is lost or out of bounds (including the nearest fairway area), under a two-stroke penalty.” The change is intended to support pace of play and is not for higher levels such as professionals and elite amateurs.

Accidentally moving your ball on the putting green won’t cost you a stroke

No additional penalty for hitting a ball in motion. The “double hit”.

No penalty if your ball in motion accidentally hits you or your equipment.

Embedded-ball relief anywhere except in a bunker.

No penalty for hitting an unattended flagstick if you are putting while on the green. This may or may not be to your advantage.

You can repair “spike marks, and other damage made by shoes, animal damage and other damage on the putting green.” There is no penalty for touching the line of putt. 

There also are more generous applications regarding relief from hazards and other penalty areas. Under the new rules, a player will be able to move loose impediments in a bunker and touch the sand with club or hand. It goes without saying, it is hoped, that this is not for players to improve their lie therein. 

In relief situations, you can drop from the knee, not shoulder, level. 

The time searching for a lost ball is down to three minutes from five.

The 600-page Decisions on the Rules of Golf doorstop is gone. It will be replaced by three volumes: Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf, the Rules of Golf and the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf. There will be more than 30 “how to apply” videos and a summary of the principal changes available at and or try this:

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