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Golf Course Advisory Board

February 13, 2019

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The Golf Course Advisory Board of the City of Fernandina Beach, Florida (GCAB) met in a regular

Meeting on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at the Fernandina Beach Golf Course (FBGC) Clubhouse. Present were Harry Kegler, Board Chair; Lee Murray, Secretary; Helen Hirsch, Board Member and WGA representative; Philip Jones, Board Member and MGA Representative; Claude Hartley, Board Member, Philip Chapman, FB City Commissioner Liaison; Steve Murphy, FBGC General Manager; David Younger, FBGC Superintendent; Jon Berk, FBMGA President; Chip Ross, FB City Commissioner and Mike Lednovich, FB City Commissioner.

Harry Kegler called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.


Helen Hirsch made a motion to approve the minutes of the January 9, 2019 GCAB meeting. It was seconded by Claude Hartley. The motion passed.


4.1 Tree Removal

Steve Murphy reported that he had received the three necessary bids to cut down the  39 dead trees that have been approved by the City Arborist to be cut down. They came  in at $19K, $29K and $29,200K. He said he didn’t want to have to go to the City  Commissioners and ask for the money and he was pleased to report that they have a  member on the Superintendent’s staff with 40 years experience cutting down trees and  the tree cutting can be done in house for about $2K. It will take longer, but save about  25K. The debris will be put on FBGC property and not be seen and not affect play. If  possible depending on man hours available, the FBGC may be able to sell some of the  wood as firewood.


5.1 January Financials

  Steve Murphy reviewed the four page financial package: Total Rounds, Total Golf   Revenue, Total F & B Revenue and Total Revenue which includes seven years of  monthly financial information. January was a good month financially. It was the 

2nd best Total Revenue since Billy Casper took over. There were 12 bad weather   days this January and the best ever January had only three bad weather days. 

January Total Rounds were up 756 over last January. January Total Golf Revenue of   $71,374 was up $15,498 over last January. January Total F&B Revenue of $23,843 was  up $1,810 over last January and January Total Revenue of $100,932 was up $19,447  over last January. Steve reviewed how February was shaping up and talked about the  definition of a “bad weather” days and how he tracks public play and member’s play.

The price increases that went into effect have helped create more revenue despite   having lower rounds due to bad weather days. Lee Murray inquired about the rental

clubs in the FBGC Pro Shop. The FBGC paid for them, but they generate about $1K

of income per month and pay for themselves quickly. There was discussion about the   upcoming Bonham’s Car Auction on the FBGC property and the Russo and Steele Car

Auction being held on the Airport Property. Bonham’s wants to wait and see how this   year’s auction goes before renewing a five year lease with the FBGC. Steve is very  optimistic that they will renew. 


Philip Jones had no report. Lee Murray mentioned there will be a FBMGA Suggestion  Box in the near future. Chip Ross asked about our FBMGA CUP Tournament Series and   Philip Jones explained what the Tournament is. Lee Murray mentioned there will be a

Tournament Committee Meeting in April after the FBMGA CUP/Club Championship.


Helen Hirsch said the Women’s Association activities were winding down after their   Match Play Tournament was held. 


Steve Murphy discussed the FBGC would be having an APP for the FBGC that will do   many things. It is developed by a company out of San Diego. It is going to very helpful  and have many neat things to help promote the FBGC. He also said the FBGC would  have a new Point of Sale (POS) system coming at the end of the year. He then  referred to his handouts and a brief discussion was held  about the different promotions:  WEEKEND SPECIALS, TRIVIA NIGHT, February Twilight Golf  Specials, Kids Play Free –  with a full paying Adult after 1pm and the PLAY NINE for $19.99 BEFORE 9 AND THEN  DINE for $9.99.


David Younger, FBGC Superintendent updated the committee on the procedures and   applications he was applying to the golf course. He said he is looking for another  assistant for his staff. There was a discussion among everyone about the status of the  North Couse greens. Those greens are 62 years old and to replace them the proper way  would cost $30k to $40K per green. The new greens on the West Course and South  Course were not totally rebuilt, they were just re-grassed, which in essence is just a  band aid on the situation. The life span of a green is 15- 18 years according to Steve  Murphy. There was some discussion about the trees being cut down and

what will happen to the golf course when they are cut down. There was further   discussion about replacing the greens over the next five to six years, all the 27 greens  should be replaced at $30K - $40K per green equaling $945,000.This may be put in to a  capital plan for the future as a recommendation from the GCAB. Ideally, $2 million  dollars over three years is needed to get the FBGC  in proper operating order.  Discussion about the capital needs went further and Steve has to have the FBGC capital

Budget by May 1. Philip Chapman asked about the fire insurance money that was found

by asking the finance people about $82K in Insurance money that no one knew about.

Steve said that he was working with the finance people and it should be coming soon. It

will be used for maintenance related expenses only. There was discussion about the   current cart paths and Steve said in the future the bad current paths will be removed  and replaced with sand.


There was no public comment


Philip Jones made a motion to adjourn. It was seconded by Helen Hirsch. The motion